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Latest news - July


Cinema Alliance is partnering with Canadian distributor Jeridoo Productions for the release of our documentary Undivided: The Preston and Steve Experience!

The documentary will be available on multiple streaming, DVD, and online outlets. Currently, Undivided is available on the following:
Vimeo on Demand
ViaWay VoD
JeridooTV VoD

Undivided is coming soon to:
Amazon Instant Video
Amazon DVD on Demand
Sony Vera, Sony PS3/4 Playstation Store
XBox VoD

We’ll be posting updates when Undivided debuts on ITunes, Netflix, etc.

Check out and like our Undivided Facebook page for more information and release dates!

https://www.facebook.com/undivideddocumentary ______________________________

We’re proud to announce that Cinema Alliance will be working in collaboration with Frank Horror on the feature film Sinner’s Moon. Sean McKnight will be contributing to the film as Executive Producer, and Producer as well as in a number of other key positions. Sean is very proud to be part of this exciting project and having the opportunity to work beside a strong, talented cast and exceptional crew.


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We have a teaser in development for the film, check back here for more Sinner's Moon news!


We have a new podcast in production now! More info coming soon!



Our new short film Misguided Intentions is online! Check it out!



The documentary A Journey Into The Holocaust made its world premiere during the Palm Springs International Film Festvial! The documentary will be screened in June as part of the Philadelphia Independent Film Festival. Details coming soon!



Submissions for the 2014 Philadelphia Independent Film Festival are now open! Submit your films through Withoutabox here: https://www.withoutabox.com/login/6382


We are currently in development for our film Jane. Please check back on this site for updates and more info. Exciting things are happening in the background we can't discuss yet! More to come soon!

We are currently seeking business partners for our thriller Jane. We have DVDs available from our recent investor forum. If you're interested in receiving a DVD, please send an email with your contact information to: jane.messages@gmail.com

Visit, like and share the Jane Facebook page, be sure to check out the stills we have posted there from the trailer shoot!

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Our parent company is now a member of Angel List. It's a community of startups and top-tier investors. Check it out here: Angel List.


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Cinema Alliance is a member of the Pennsylvania Film Industry Association.



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