13 Assassins

A group of samurai come together to administer justice to the Shogun’s tyrannical brother who will bring war and violence if he’s allowed to ascend in power…

Set in 1844, the story unfolds in a classic fashion with the central story revolving around the 13 assassins who are up against an army in order to get to their target. As a plan of attack, the assassins decide to buy out a small town that the Shogun’s brother will be traveling through as he continues on visits to neighboring clans. The town gets converted into a maze of deadly traps which the enemy walks right into the middle of.

The film is told in subtitles but manages to keep your interest throughout. There’s some political intrigue woven into the fabric of the main storyline as well. This film obviously had a significant budget judging by the quality of the costumes, sets and effects (including some pretty intense explosions). The sword fights are epic as well especially when the 13 take on 130.

The actors are all tight and turn in convincing performances both from an acting standpoint as well as the skills they exhibited in martial arts and sword fights. The violence gets pretty over the top so if you’re squeamish about it, then this probably isn’t the movie for you.

I’d definitely recommend checking this one out…

reviewed by Sean McKnight