A Fantastic Fear of Everything

A Fantastic Fear of Everything centers around a writer named Jack who starts to lose his mind while doing research for a book project. Jack is trying to break away from his successful kids books to become a more serious crime novel writer. In the process of researching various serial killers, Jack finds himself growing more fearful and paranoid about his own surroundings to the point that he starts to have trouble with day-to-day tasks and exchanges with other people. Along the course of his experience, he comes in contact with an actual serial killer that twists the theme into a more detective story kind of direction.

I thought the writing was interesting and challenging given some of the twists along the way. The story had the potential to go in a number of different directions which is one of the things I found intriguing about it. There are some predictable moments here and there but most of it keeps you guessing. The acting and the directing had an impact on this as well…

Co-directed by Crispian Mills and Chris Hopewell, the presentation of the film definitely has an English vibe both in terms of locations since it was shot there, but then also in terms of editing and production quality. Some of this has to do with Simon Pegg’s involvement as he plays the main character and was also an executive producer on the project.

Simon Pegg is great in this as the neurotic, quirky Jack. He might be a bit over-the-top at times but never in a way that feels tiresome or monotonous. The support lineup is tight as well and fun to watch in their roles, lots of talent here. The cast includes: Clare Higgins, Paul Freeman, Alan Drake, and Amara Karan.

This one’s available for viewing on Netflix, check it out!

reviewed by Sean McKnight