American Hustle

Christian Bale and Amy Adams play hustlers that get busted by the FBI with their only option to cooperate with the bureau so they can avoid their own jail sentences. Bradley Cooper plays the FBI agent who’s in charge of working with them in order to bring down corrupt politicians and the mob in order to further his career ambitions.

This is a great film to watch unfold so I won’t spoil anything with more detail. The writing is smart, stylish and interesting. The storyline will keep you guessing at times as to who’s hustling who. The dialog is well crafted with each character sharply defined and fun to watch. The way the story unfolds is really satisfying as well…

The actors are top notch across the board. I can see why this film had so many award nominations. David O. Russell is really at the top of his game. Bale is uptight and yet cool as a cucumber in equal amounts where necessary, Amy Adams is alluring and passionate in her role, Bradley Cooper plays the slightly twisted and naive, yet ambitious agent convincingly too. Jeremy Renner and Jennifer Lawrence are both strong in their parts and prove that they both have significant range in their talents.

A period piece set in the 70’s, they did a hellauva job recreating the time periods from the clothing, to the cars, to the hair styles, you feel like you’re there. The music and set designs are spot on too with everything having the slick feeling of that time period. This is a really well directed and crafted film, really enjoyable to watch.

If you like smart movies with a great cast and David O. Russell’s style, you’ll dig this film, I did.

reviewed by Sean McKnight