An American Carol

I’m a fan of silly movies like Airplane, The Naked Gun films, some of the Scary Movie franchise…So, when I saw this movie on Netflix and saw that both David Zucker and Leslie Nielsen were involved, I decided to give it a shot.

Unfortunately, while the aforementioned films were created in a fun, tongue-in-cheek fashion, this film quickly starts that way but devolves into a left wing bashfest with the humor getting choked out in favor of trying to take lame shots at liberals. I don’t subscribe to any political base personally, I’m registered independent and proudly walk the gray area of the political spectrum, so while I didn’t find myself insulted by the political jabs, what I did find myself insulted by was the terrible writing that made it so obvious.

I understand trying to make a point in a film, but the most effective points usually come in the most subtle ways, this film tries to make their points in the opposite way in the form of the buffoonery that takes place. The main character here, the Michael Moore inspired Michael Malone (played by Kevin Farley, Chris’ brother) is supposed to be transformed a la’ Christmas Carol style by 3 ghosts that try to change his political philosophy which is that everything America does is bad.

This could’ve been funny but after a short time, I felt bored and exhausted by being beaten over the head by the filmmaker’s obvious agenda. It’s sad when a comedy isn’t funny because it’s weighed down by the politics of the writers and directors. Shouldn’t comedies still be funny and have a message? The guys from South Park manage to do it and they bash everybody.

There are some well known names in here but everyone seems to be phoning it in, giving performances that were neither inspired or original. You’ve seen all this before, only better. The surprising list of talent in this film includes Kelsey Grammer, Trace Adkins, Gary Coleman, David Alan Grier, Dennis Hopper, Kevin Sorbo, and Mary Hart from Entertainment Tonight.

If you’re in the mood for something silly and fun, watch some of the films I mentioned earlier and avoid this one…

reviewed by Sean McKnight