Anchorman 2

Anchorman 2 is one of those guilty-pleasure movies for me. I love different kinds of humor including the silly, over-the-top antics of Will Ferrell and his crew. I was a fan of the first film and am glad to see that the sequel was finally made after years of back and forth as to whether it would come to fruition.

The film picks up pretty much where the first one left off with Ron and Veronica (Christina Applegate) married and forming a joint news team. Fast forward to them with a child and a new conflict in their careers as Ron is fired and Veronica is promoted to a network gig. Ron’s meltdown ensues propelling us to when he gets a new job of his own…

I’ll leave the rest for the viewer, but I have to say that it’s pretty damn funny the whole way through if you appreciate Ferrell’s brand of humor. There are plenty of nods to the first film including another battle scene between rival news networks only this time taken to a much higher level of enjoyable goofiness. One of the more satisfying moments is when Brick (Steve Carell) obliterates Kanye West during his mercifully short cameo. West’s performance is really poor here, he comes off like a beginner acting student, his delivery being stiff and unnatural and not the slightest bit funny. I guess he left his “genius” in the studio with his producers.

And speaking of celebrity appearances, the cast in this film is really impressive. Paul Rudd and David Koechner are back alongside Ferrell and Carell (I did not plan that rhyme, it just came out that way, I love that). Other actors in the lineup include James Marsden, Kristen Wiig (who is awesomely funny as Brick’s quirky love interest), Sacha Baron Cohen, Kirsten Dunst, Tina Fey, Sacha Baron Cohen, Harrison Ford, Greg Kinnear, Amy Poehler, Vince Vaughn and Liam Neeson among others. Crazy lineup, eh?

The film is not only a lot of fun but it’s also topical in terms of how the media has evolved including some of the scandals associated with it. Ferrell and Adam McKay turned out a great production as well as a goofy but entertaining script. I don’t know that you’d need to see this in the theater, but if you liked the first one, you’ll want to check this one out.

reviewed by Sean McKnight