Batman – The Dark Knight Rises

With the story of the shootings that have been permeating the airwaves, I couldn’t really not mention this terrible event prior to doing this review. Our hearts go out to the victims and their families. Do not let this asshole win, don’t give him the attention he wants. See the film with your families and friends and don’t fear the theaters. If you want to give this incident any attention, focus on helping the victims and their loved ones.

Batman – The Dark Knight Rises

Wow, amazing, the almost 3 hours really flew by. There’s a lot to take in on this one and it’s not something you want to take a bathroom break during. I saw a family of 3 come in about 5 minutes late and they missed a HUGE opening, which is this incredible plane / jet sequence that kept me glued to the screen the whole time.

I don’t want to belabor this review with too many details, best to let the story do the talking. I felt that way about the last movie and the first one as they all have these great detective story aspects to them and great twists to boot. Fans that are well versed in the comic book’s universe will undoubtedly see certain things coming. But that’s also the cool part for me; seeing the things I’ve read about recreated and worked together in a really fluent, compelling way. I think there’s a lot to enjoy both for non-comic book fans and comic book fans alike.

Chris Nolan is back at the helm (he’s also producing the new Superman film coming out next year Man of Steel, very psyched about that one). He brings his style to this in spades creating a visually captivating piece combined with a well crafted story that sews things up nicely while even adding some interesting new tidbits at the end to get you thinking about the future. Overall this is a very fitting way to cap off the trilogy until the next reboot after the Justice League film (yes, they’re doing one).

The acting is great across the board. The only character I felt was a little cartoony was Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman. Sexy, yes, fun, yes, but also gently walking the fine line between cool and cheesy. Luckily she doesn’t get to dance around there too much and has some good anchoring moments to guide her in the right direction. Christian Bale plays Bruce Wayne / Batman as effectively as ever. I’ve always liked him in this role. For me though, I have to give the biggest props to Michael Caine who puts in a command performance as Alfred. Emotional, passionate, just pulled me right in, loved watching him.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Gary Oldman were both intense, especially Gordon-Levitt who holds his own with Oldman on screen, not an easy feat. Marion Cotillard, Morgan Freeman, and Matthew Modine are all top notch as well. And finally Tom Hardy plays the cold, calculating and brutal Bane with menacing ferocity.

Be sure to check this out in the theater, it’s a great film.

reviewed by Sean McKnight