Get Out

Written and directed by Key & Peele’s Jordan Peele, you might be expecting Get Out to be comedic, don’t, it’s not. While Get Out has some levity here and there, it’s a straight up horror/thriller that has a subtle but obvious intensity to it. While the premise isn’t original, the way it’s executed and the interpretation of the concept is, which is one of the reasons you’ll want to check this movie out. I don’t want to go into any detail due to spoilers but suffice it to say that the characters are very well imagined and flushed out as

Justice League

An alien force invading the Earth, a cube like object that holds unimaginable power and acts as a portal to another dimension, a villain who serves a greater villain in the shadows and a team of heroes who has to get their shit together and bring down the bad guys. I’m describing The Avengers, right? Well, yes, but I’m also describing the Justice League storyline as well. Despite the film’s unoriginal approach, it’s still fun to watch. It’s not the best film in the DC universe, that title goes to Wonder Woman, but it’s not nearly as abysmal as Batman

Thor: Ragnarok

This is one of the best Marvel movies ever! Such a fun film! It was a blast to catch this one in the theater, I highly recommend it if you still have the opportunity… The story of this 3rd installment in the Thor series of Marvel films centers around Asgard and the legend of Ragnarok which represents a time of upheaval, change and ultimate destruction for the realm of the god of thunder. Delivering this chaos is Thor’s long lost sister Hela, the goddess of death after she is released from her imprisonment by their father Odin. Hela (played by


Another Netflix original based on a Stephen King novella, 1922 is the first one that real nails both the quality of a King story with the quality of well produced delivery. Where Gerald’s Game fell a bit flat at times, 1922 kept me glued to the screen the whole time. One of the main reasons this film is so compelling is due to the powerhouse performance of Thomas Jane. Set in Nebraska farmland during the 20’s, the film presents a much different landscape authentically executed reminding us of a time before modern appliances, the internet, cars that had windows and

The Snowman

This one seemed to have all the right ingredients in place – Martin Scorsese as an executive producer, Michael Fassbender as the lead and some strong talent in support with J.K. Simmons and Chloe Sevigny as part of the lineup. Alas, even with the right ingredients, the dish you’re cooking may still get burnt. The Snowman follows anti-hero cop/investigator(?) Harry Hole (yes, his last name really is Hole) as he investigates a serial killer who leaves a snowman behind as his calling card. Besides the snowman image, there are also other patterns in the killer’s behavior and who he targets.

The Hateful Eight

The Hateful Eight is one of the wildest, weirdest westerns I’ve ever seen. It’s great by the way and Tarantino’s eighth film to boot. Centered around unsavory characters, the story to me seemed to be a story about karma or what-goes-around-comes-around, however you choose to phrase it. Regardless, each person in this fateful tale is revealed to be a pretty terrible person. The only exceptions are the side characters who are basically just victim fodder for the bad asses and all the main players here are bad asses. While the film is nearly 3 hours long, it’s not mired in

Gerald’s Game

Based on the Stephen King book Netflix delivers Gerald’s Game which is among the first of King’s books to get produced specifically for the streaming behemoth. Producing a King book can be quite an expensive endeavor considering the demands and ambitions of some of his stories. They were smart to pick this one as it takes place mainly in a bedroom and isn’t super heavy on effects like the giant failure that was The Dark Tower. The story centers around a couple who are trying to spice things up a bit in their life (and in the bedroom) so they

Blade Runner 2049

I read that Blade Runner 2049 wasn’t doing so hot on it’s opening weekend, that the numbers were far lower than expected. At the same time, I heard from early views that the film lived beyond expectations in terms of depth and quality. And then I heard that it was nearly 3 hours long and knew why the mixed reviews. The hardcore fans of the original (when it was a cult classic) were the people showing up in theaters, but it was too much for the casual movie-goer who maybe caught the first film on cable once. And then I

Assassin’s Creed

Produced by game company Ubisoft, the Assassin’s Creed film stays true to the storyline from the popular game series but with a character of its own rather than pulling right from the game. Ultimately it’s a version of the same thing but with new characters that parallel the originals. And because the film is true to the game, I would guess that’s why it didn’t do well theatrically, it’s a fan film. And for me, since I am a fan of the franchise, I thought it was great… The story follows Callum Lynch (Michael Fassbender) as he dives into the

Jerry Before Seinfeld

I don’t typically review standup specials unless there’s something unique about them. With that being said, I did want to throw a review of Jerry Before Seinfeld at you because it is of course, unique in addition to being entertaining and funny. What’s different about it is that the special isn’t just some stand up act that’s been recorded at a big theater or club, it’s more of a retrospective performance of Seinfeld’s history. That history is about what his career was like prior to the behemoth that became the Seinfeld TV show. This isn’t about TV, it’s about how


Before you read my review please know that I did read the original Stephen King book and saw the first version with Tim Curry when it came out and that I’m high desensitized to horror these days. The only horror (besides the movie The Strangers) that genuinely scares me is through virtual reality. The IT VR promo on Littlstar and Jaunt is something not to be missed if you have access to virtual reality. But I digress… Every 27 years or so people in the small town of Derry, Maine, people start disappearing. The group hit hardest is children and


As a bass player, I was influenced by players such as Geddy Lee from Rush, Iron Madien’s Steve Harris and Geezer Butler from Black Sabbath among others. But there’s one guy that established the benchmark for everyone; one who not only set the bar but raised it to a dizzying height, and that was Jaco Pastorius. Most likely you haven’t heard of Jaco as bass players are not usually the stand out rock stars of the group. But, if you ever heard of jazz legends Weather Report or you’re a fan of Joni Mitchell, you’ve heard some of Jaco’s work.


I really wish I could say this is a funny movie, but I’m afraid I just can’t. The cast is comprised of some seriously talented people but I’m afraid even they can save this one. Based on the Loomis Fargo robbery of 1997 (one of the largest in US history), the story focuses on the players that put the robbery together and how it all fell apart. If you read what originally happened you’ll see that there’s some material there ripe for comedic treatment, it’s just that they left too much of the comedy out of it. Unfortunately, they try


Some stories don’t have happy endings. Some aren’t about action or include heroes in the conventional sense. Some stories are about struggle, fortitude and persistence. Some have heroes who aren’t superheroes, nor do they have special powers. Dunkirk is a story about solider’s survival and about the brave souls who both fought their way out of a hopeless situation along with the civilians who came to their aid. The main thread of the film runs through several different perspectives told through the perspective of pilots, soldiers on the ground and through a father, his son and a friend who take

The Founder

Just to line up who Ray Kroc is for my younger readers, he’s the Mark Zuckerberg of fast food. Basically, Kroc is to McDonald’s what Zuckerberg is to Facebook – a thief who stole someone else’s idea and turned it into an empire… The Founder centers on Ray Kroc as well as the McDonald brothers, Dick and Mac, who between the 3 of them changed the landscape of food with the introduction of a fast food system that effected the whole world. Kroc is the main subject of the story with some insight into his life showcased just prior to

The Dark Tower

Angrily disappointed is how I would describe my feelings after seeing this film. I was excited about The Dark Tower as I am a huge fan of the book series by Stephen King (I read every book twice so far) and had much hope with Ron Howard attached as a producer and Ildris Elba cast as Roland. Alas, the will of Ka is strong but not with this movie. Instead of portraying the story as the epic it is (The Dark Tower is King’s Lord of the Rings), it’s packaged as a mediocre action movie. Sadly, very little of the

GLOW: The Story of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling

With the new Netflix show GLOW debuting and seeing how great it was through the entire series, I was seeking more content from the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling to dive deeper into nostalgia and happened upon this documentary. I remember watching the show when I was teenager and this doc brought back all the memories of the fun of it all as well as the crushes I had on some of the wrestlers. GLOW: The Story of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling is just that, the history of how the show started, scenes from its heyday, what happened to cause

Tour de Pharmacy

Poking fun at the use of drugs in the world of professional cycling, Tour de Pharmacy is a mockmentary not holding back in terms of subject manner or delivery. Lance Armstrong is included as an “anonymous” source and totally owns his past through some pretty hilarious interview segments. Covering the story of 5 bikers from the 80’s who competed in the Tour de France, the movie showcases each of their stories while covering the drug issue and how it impacts sports. So somehow, somewhere, there does seem to be a semblance of a moral thread peppered amongst the dick jokes.

Spider-Man: Homecoming

A reboot of sorts, but in a different way is one of the things that makes Spider-Man: Homecoming fun, fresh and entertaining. By now, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know the basic story of how Spider-Man became Spider-Man. This film does a deft job of acknowledging that history but only for a moment before it continues on and defines its own origin. The clock is reset and Peter Parker is back in 10th grade. He’s already been bitten by the spider, he’s in touch with Tony Stark and he’s hoping to become a full-time Avenger. Enter real


The words “this is an excellent film” popped into my head during the course of watching Sully. Smartly told in a 96 minute package, the film has great pacing offering both slow, thoughtful moments while incorporating visually stimulating segments through the various perspectives of the plane landing in the river. Surrounding the unprecedented landing of a passenger jet on the Hudson river by Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger the film is expertly told by director Clint Eastwood. Some backstory about Sully is offered throughout to fill in more about the man and moments of character building that led to his decision making