Boondock Saints II – All Saints Day

The MacManus brothers return in this sequel to the cult smash Boondock Saints I. We find them living underground (beards, long scraggly hair and everything) with their father in Ireland. The guys find out that their hometown priest was killed by the mob and the montages begin.

Naturally they return to Boston to find the killer and why they were baited into coming back. Revenge ensues, engage gun porn…

I can see why this was a cult hit given Troy Duffy’s style and the gratuitous shooting that goes on. Storywise there’s nothing surprising here but that’s not why you watch a movie like this. You watch it for the slow motion action sequences, the ridiculous over the top shooting, Julie Benz acting as a the sexy agent with the cleavage and southern accent, as well as the music video like presentation and fantasy segments. All what you would classify as “guilty pleasure”.

The acting is decent but feels a little rushed here and there. Billy Connolly and Norman Reedus are solid. Sean Patrick Flanery is decent as well but seems like he’s trying a little too hard at times. Julie Benz is fun to watch but gets a little cartoony with her character (trying/not trying to be serious) at times. Peter Fonda shows up in the movie as well and does his best Peter Fonda.

It’s a wonder this film got made given the crap that Troy Duffy went through. Lawsuits, an unsavory documentary about him, money issues, studio headaches, and more plagued the process for the filmmaker. He got through it though, he’s a tough SOB. I had the pleasure of meeting him, he was a nice, down to earth guy. I’m glad he persevered and got the film done as well as leaving room for a third.

But I digress…

If you think “grindhouse” when you see this, it’s all good. If you take it too seriously, then you probably won’t enjoy it too much.

reviewed by Sean McKnight