Captain America: The Winter Soldier

My friend Paul described this film as being something similar to a good James Bond film. I have to agree, there are some spy movie vibes going on here in pretty cool ways…

In this second installment of the Captain America films, Cap finds himself in modern times with modern threats. Little does he realize that there are forces at work that are about to turn the tides in a way that’s not so favorable for the world’s safety. He’s also about to find some surprising information out about an old enemy and an old ally that he thought were both dead…

I won’t spoil the storyline as it’s a film I really recommend seeing. The film is challenging, exciting, and intelligently written. All in all it’s not only a great comic book hero film, it’s just a great film in general. The writing is solid with smart dialog, subtext that will keep you guessing and other twists and turns that you may not see coming. Marvel is really delivering some well crafted movies that aren’t dumbed down in a big, stupid action movie kind of way.

The acting performances are expertly delivered. Chris Evans returns as Steve Rodgers and turns in another passionate performance. He’s got more range than he gets credit for due to the beefcake stigma. Scarlett Johanssen is back as Black Widow and is fun to watch as usual. Robert Redford shows up here too, it’s great to see him on the big screen again in a role that’s well suited for him. Anthony Mackie makes his debut as Falcon, Samuel L. Jackson is Nick Fury once again and Cobie Smulders reprises her shield agent role.

One of the fun elements in here are the nods of things to come both from an Avengers standpoint as well as future installments in the Captain America series. If you pay attention to the dialog and elements in the background, you’ll see little hints that are dropping such as a mention of Dr. Strange. I love stuff like that.

The action and effects are top notch. There’s a little bit of too much shakey cam here and there but it’s bearable without interfering with the experience. The climax is especially impressive with the battle over DC.

If you love good super hero films or spy films for that matter, definitely go check out Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Don’t forget to stay the WHOLE way through the credits!!

reviewed by Sean McKnight