Casa De Mi Padre

This tongue-seriously-inserted-in-cheek rendition of the spaghetti western genre via Mexico, Casa De Mi Padre spoofs the genre in a really fun way. Told entirely in Spanish with subtitles (Will Farrell spent a month learning Spanish), the dialog, sets, costumes, etc. sent the authenticity of the idea well.

Much of the funny moments come in the dialog even though you’re reading them through subtitles. Their are plenty of visual gags as well as some of the scenes take place in what are obviously movie sets that are akin to the old westerns, complete with fake white jaguars! There’s also numerous rear-projection scenes inserted at the right times for proper cheesiness.

The acting is a blast to watch as all the serious notes play out while hitting the comedic notes in unexpected ways sometimes. The WIll Ferrell ass shots during the love scene are hysterical.

There’s some great cheap 70’s fun in here too, there’s one sequence that starts with an animal attack, goes into an apology from the director, and then ends up back in a psychedelic talking jaguar sequence. Wait, what? Trippy…

The directing and writing are cleverly crafted and orchestrated making the film a really kind of a big fun goof to behold. Behind the film is Will Ferrell who produced and stars in the film, along with Nick Offerman (Parks and Recreation) as well a quick cameo from Molly Shannon.

It’s worth seeing just for the talking psychedelic jaguar sequence, be sure to watch it through the credits.

reviewed by Sean McKnight