Dead Man Down

Directed by Niels Arden Oplev (who also directed the first version of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo), Dead Man Down has a bit of a European feel to it, which made the film feel different and fresh. The themes of the film overall for me were revenge, love, and self-love, all played out through the crime lord, the henchman, and the former beauty. It’s an intriguing story that played out well through an interesting story, pregnant pauses and some great action sequences.

Revenge drives the storyline with the players in the game including Colin Farrell’s Victor (the henchman), Noomi Rapace as the victim of a drunk driver and Terrence Howard as the crime boss Alphonse along with a lot of other henchmen. There’s some interesting characters in here along with some unexpected left turns in the storyline; the writing and directing really kept the film interesting the whole time.

The actors turn in passionate, diverse performances, each one is compelling to watch. Noomi Rapace and Colin Farrell were the standouts to me, it was also nice to see more of the range of Terrence Howard who manages to look uncomfortable when facing his boss in the form of Armand Assante. I’m used to seeing Howard playing more a calm/cool kind of character, this time around he’s being shaken up by his tormentor and his unnerving shows.

I’d definitely recommend seeing this film, it’s entertaining to see in the theater with some great visuals and interesting cinematography in addition to a strong group of talent and a solid story.

reviewed by Sean McKnight