DMT: The Spirit Molecule

dmt the spirit moleculeCentered around a molecule found in nearly every living organism, including humans, called dimethyltryptamine (DMT), this documentary seeks to uncover the many different aspects of the molecule and its effects. Hosted by Joe Rogan (who’s a very vocal advocate), the doc takes a very scientific approach along with pointing out various applications in terms of usage. This list of experts interviewed includes: a mathematician, rabbi, pharmacologist, shaman, psychologist, nurse, behavioral pharmacologist, psychiatrist, ethnobotanist and more.

Studied here in different ranges including government-sanctioned clinical trials to how shaman use it for healing ceremonies in South America, the use of it shown to vary from treating physical ailments and addiction, to more spiritual applications. What this film does so well is turn the aspects of it in many different directions from a variety of expert point of views.

You’ll have to have an interest in the subject and an open mind to appreciate this documentary. It’s very scientific at times as topics are addressed mostly through talking head shots. Joe Rogan is well known as a standup comedian and host of shows like Fear Factor; here, he’s all business even though his segments are a little tongue in cheek. Whenever on screen, Rogan is in black and white and made to look as if he is in some secret government lab like you would see in a movie like Reefer Madness.

If you have a curious mind and are interested in ways to expand it, I would suggest giving this a viewing, it’s on Netflix.

reviewed by Sean McKnight