As a filmmaker, you can tend (at least I can), tend to get a little jealous now and then of the opportunity that other filmmakers get. Now, having said that, the only time I feel that way is if the movie has a big budget and it sucks. For me, Doomsday is one of those cases…

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a glass half-empty kind of dude, I’m generally an optimist and appreciate the positive things primarily, so let’s start there. The good part of this film is that there are parts of it that are fun to watch. They obviously had a good time shooting the over-the-top action segments, explosions and gory, bloody fun that goes with the film. The post-apocalyptic costuming and sets are cool as well (although I could’ve saved a lot of money from a budget standpoint by just calling a bunch of my Burning Man and fire performing friends to be in the film instead of having to create the costumes they have in here).

Then, there are the actors. There’s some talent in here I would love to work with as a director, especially Malcolm McDowell and Bob Hoskins. Rhona Mitra also does a good job as the femme-fatale and holds her own in the fight sequences.

Where the movie falls short is story. The film is basically a string of cliche’s from beginning to end without a drop of originality right down to the evil Road Warrior-like leader with the mohawk. I think the people behind this decided to sit down and watch Road Warrior, Resident Evil, Escape from New York and maybe Gladiator and said “ok, let’s just mash these together and make a movie with our corporate sponsors, Bentley will love it!”.

They also modeled Rhona Mitra’s character a bit too closely to Milla Jovovich and Kate Beckinsale; pathetically close to the point where you’re almost not sure which one them it is at points. It’s hard to have any sympathy or connection to her character when she has such a generic persona. Oh, her supposed human connection mechanism is that she’s angry and distant because she lost her mother at a young age under tragic circumstances related to the current events (and yes, it’s a virus), [nsert sarcastic tone here] wow, we haven’t seen that like a thousand times.

Oh well, Doomsday is fun to catch on a late Friday night when there’s nothing else on, but I wouldn’t put it at the top of my Netflix queue.

reviewed by Sean McKnight