Evil Dead (2013)

This film marks the third time this film has been made by the same people. Evil Dead 2 is Evil Dead with a better budget and this one is the remake of the remake. Confused? Ultimately, it doesn’t really matter as this film stands on it’s own…

The premise goes like this: 5 friends end up in an old family cabin for the weekend to help detox one of their friends who’s getting over a drug addiction. She turns out to be the least of their problems when one of the party discovers a book that leads them down a much darker path. One by one, the friends start to fall to a summoned demon there to claim their souls.

One of the things I really liked about the film is that it doesn’t try to be like the first installments. The earlier iterations were much more campy and at times humorous. This film goes straight for the jugular with a much more serious tone sans the camp. At the same time, there are some nods to the earlier versions as well as familiar camera angles a ‘la Sam Raimi’s style even though there’s a different director at the helm (Raimi was one of the producers as was Bruce Campbell). Speaking of Campbell, don’t leave before the credits finish, there’s something at the end you should stick around for.

The actors aren’t anyone familiar but all do well in their roles. The gore factor in here is pretty extreme and not for the light-hearted. As I mentioned, the tone of this film is serious and works to build up tension and some decent scary moments.

Where the film lacks is that it doesn’t quite have the disturbing creepiness that the other films were able to achieve and there’s some major holes in the storyline that conceptually hurt the film at times. There’s also some WTF moments when the main character makes some strange decisions during the climax and she does break character a little as well.

All-in-all, it’s a blast to see in the theater and a worthy installment to the series.

reviewed by Sean McKnight