Tim Burton’s latest stop motion animation project offers up fun for everyone. In this story about a boy and his dog, or rather a boy based on the Victor Frankenstein character and the dog he resurrects from the dead, young Victor is inspired by his science teacher to bring back his dog using electricity. Some of Victor’s school chums find out about his experiment and in an effort to win the school science fair, they decide to use some of Victor’s methods for some experiments of their own, which of course leads to some unfortunate circumstances.

The film is written in a way that both kids and adults will enjoy. The story is familiar but heartwarming and entertaining. You get wrapped up on the characters both for the fact that the dialog is fun but so are are the creatures everyone’s based on as they range some of the classic horror gamut. Speaking of classic, the film’s also presented in black and white. Victor himself is a amateur filmmaker in the film and he presents his own work at different points which is really clever since his style is also stop animation. So, there are stop animation films within this overall stop animation film…cute.

Actually, watching this makes me wonder if this isn’t a bit of a glimpse into Tim Burton’s childhood, hmmmm.

The effects and design are well done with Burton’s signature written all over this. The design of the characters is fun and stylish with nods towards the classic movie monsters from back in the 50’s but with the exaggerated features you’ve seen from other Burton movies like The Nightmare Before Christmas.

The 3D is ok but under-utilized. It’s fun at times but not worth the extra money I’m afraid as there’s not enough of it and the moments that are there aren’t all that a big deal 3D-wise. I would advise against spending the extra bucks on that end of it.

The talent is great and recognizable including the voice skills of Catherine O’Hara, Martin Short, Martin Landau, Winona Ryder and Christopher Lee among others.

This is a good one for you and the kids, fun stuff to get ready for Halloween!

reviewed by Sean McKnight