Get Smart

I’m often skeptical of TV show movies as they’re sometimes perceived as a sign of Hollywood running out of ideas. In the case of Get Smart I was pleasantly surprised.

I used to watch the TV show all the time growing up and really liked the series. While this is a re-imagining of the show, they still pay homage to the series while putting their own stamp on this revamp.

The movie is well-written and very funny in subtle ways. I have to admit that the first time I saw the movie, I was only half paying attention and missed a lot of the little things going on in the dialog. The next time I watched it, I did so without any distractions and got to pick up on all the little things I missed. Most of the little things were in the dialog and there’s some very funny stuff going on.

This is also a fun action/spy movie. It includes the classic confrontation between Control and Chaos from the TV show, with the updated head of Chaos played by Terence Stamp (always a great choice) and Alan Arkin playing the chief of Control. The action in the movie is very entertaining and will keep you on the edge of your seat. And just when you think the action is going to end, there are some great plot twists that throw you back into it and keep things moving. Fun stuff.

As far as the cast as a whole – there are no weak links here, all the actors they chose do a great job. There’s quite a list of prominent actors in here – James Caan, Ann Hathaway, Bill Murray, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson amongst other familiar faces laced throughout and of course Steve Carell doing an excellent job as Maxwell Smart.

I was surprised by how well this did at the box office, once I saw it, I understood why. It’s fun, the writing is good, the actors do great jobs, it’s action packed, it’s emotional and overall just really well done. Be sure to check this one out, it’s like a fun James Bond film.

reviewed by Sean McKnight