GLOW: The Story of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling

glowWith the new Netflix show GLOW debuting and seeing how great it was through the entire series, I was seeking more content from the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling to dive deeper into nostalgia and happened upon this documentary. I remember watching the show when I was teenager and this doc brought back all the memories of the fun of it all as well as the crushes I had on some of the wrestlers.

GLOW: The Story of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling is just that, the history of how the show started, scenes from its heyday, what happened to cause the show’s cancellation and the reunion that followed 15 years later. Interviews with the wrestlers as well as some of the business and production people comprise the meat of the documentary. The stories the ladies have are fun to listen to and in some instances sad in terms of the future of some of the women and how their injuries took a toll. Overall, the film has a great pace with some ups and downs while remaining interesting.

The profiles of the wrestlers that are examined make up a big part of the film and include fan favorites like Mt. Fiji, Matilda the Hun, Little Egypt, Hollywood, Godiva, the infamous russian Ninotchka as well as trainer and wrestling legend Mondo Guerrero. Watching the old footage stirred up the wrestling fan in me from back in the 80’s, fun stuff. You can plainly see by watching this film where the TV show drew much of its inspiration and how true it stayed to the original spirit of the show and the people involved.

I really enjoyed this documentary and had fun laughing at the cheesiness of it all while having my heart tugged on during the emotional moments. The reunion footage of the ladies after 15 years was endearing to behold especially during Mt. Fiji’s entrance as she’s spent years in a nursing home after the show’s cancellation.

See the GLOW TV show on Neflix, it’s excellent (I want more!) but then be sure to follow that up with this documentary or do it the other way around, it’s all good either way.

reviewed by Sean McKnight