It’s awesome, all across the board, just awesome. I saw it in IMAX 3D and would recommend doing the same if you can. Interestingly the filmmaker feels as though that would detract from the experience but I’m afraid I have to disagree on that notion…

The story is simple enough, a NASA crew is working on a shuttle in space, during their work they encounter a debris storm that’s orbiting the planet at a high rate of speed from a satellite that had blown apart and started a chain reaction. The overall situation turns out to not be so simple since the crew is now floating in space without a way back to Earth. Once the ride really gets going, it doesn’t relent much until the very end.

The effects are stunning, some of the best I’ve ever seen. I felt totally convinced they were in space the whole time, the film looked and felt totally realistic. The 3D added a nice dimensional touch and actually had me ducking my head involuntarily which rarely happens for me with 3D films. I usually avoid 3D since most of them suck with a few exceptions, this film being one of them.

The actors are outstanding, especially Sandra Bullock. George Clooney is his usual suave self but in an effective way that made his character pretty much instantly likeable. Ed Harris’ name is in the credits as well as one of the NASA staff on Earth.

I highly recommend seeing this, try to catch it in the theater if you can. The ride is intense.

reviewed by Sean McKnight