Grown Ups

Normally, I like Adam Sandler’s films and know what to expect and usually get some good laughs out of watching. But this was just lame. Lame on an epic scale of lame.

Before I get too far into ripping this apart here’s the premise: 5 friends from grade school reunite for their basketball coaches’ funeral. They’re all adults now and bring their wives, kids and decide to spend the weekend together at a cabin catching up. Nothing new here but a fun layout nonetheless. By the way, Sandler serves as co-writer and producer.

The lineup here is pretty impressive: Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, Kevin James, David Spade, Rob Schneider, Salma Hayek, Maria Bello, Steve Buscemi, Colin Quinn and Tim Meadows.

Now, fun premise in place, killer cast, you’d think this is a no-brainer and should just be constant laughs from front to back. Not so much. The one liners are just kind of phoned in as are the performances. The site gags we’ve seen before, again and again and don’t really do much for the shortcomings that permeate throughout. The formulaic approach to the movie seems like a sign that these guys need to shake things up when they’re trying to put together movies and maybe try something different here and there. It’s also a sign that they’ve run out of ideas.

Sandler likes to include some sort of message in his work and in this case it would be the back to basics approach to fun instead of being glued to our cell phones and PS3s. Sandler’s awkward rich dude character just comes off contrived instead of insightful to said message. Chris Rock playing uptight doesn’t really work here either. David Spade as the party guy, Kevin James as the fat guy (insert tired food jokes here), and Rob Schneider as the weird guy are all characters we’ve seen before, ad nauseam.

In the end Grown Ups just seems like they were trying to cash in and have fun doing it. Too bad the fun part doesn’t outweigh the cashing in part (it made over 168 million, so what the hell do I