Hancock revolves around a super-hero who has fallen from grace in the form of Will Smith’s character. He drinks too much, has some obvious depression problems, has a bad public image (as super-heroes go) and also has issues with amnesia as he can’t seem to remember much about himself or his past, hence the depression.

Jason Bateman plays Ray, Hancock’s public image counselor who also happens to be in marketing and advertising (natch). Quick question – how many times has Jason Bateman played generic corporate placeholder dude? He was also in Up In The Air with George Clooney as a very similar character, only not as clean shaven. He needs to expand his character repertoire a bit…

But I digress…

Things change for Hancock when he has an exchange with Ray’s wife, played by Charlize Theron, who reveals there’s a bit more to her than meets the eye as well. I need to stop there so as not to spoil the story that unfolds.

Hancock is a fun film, with some great effects (I love when he “saves” a beached whale and dishes out some justice to a neighborhood bully). But it is lacking in some areas as some of the acting seems a bit rushed/forced/phoned in and the overall storyline is ok but not mind-blowing. Peter Berg directs and does a decent job but again, not great. Will Smith’s performance in here is pretty good, but his demeanor and delivery seem a bit generic, same with Charlize Theron.

Overall, the film seems to rely on the effects to supplement what could’ve been better by just putting some extra time into honing the writing and performances. It’s still worth a look see so check it out on DVD!

reviewed by Sean McKnight