Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

First, it’s great, I really enjoyed it and thought it had tremendous impact. It’s great to see a well-written story told in a great way. And that’s what we have with the latest Harry Potter film – a really well written story.

Don’t expect the same level of action as some of the previous films, this one is about filling in some blanks and laying some groundwork for the grand finale’. By the way, the final book is going to be split into 2 movies. So it should be one hell of a finale’. This one does have some very nicely done effects shots and plenty of fun moments (the Weasley twins have a store!), so don’t worry, there’s plenty to put you on the edge of your seat.

The acting is very well done, no weak performances, all the actors and actresses do great work. It’s great to see some of the younger actors like Daniel Radcliff and Rupert Grint mature as actors. Radcliff conveys Harry’s struggle in a way that makes you feel really sympathetic to his foibles.

The writing is great as always with the series. JK Rowling created a compelling bridge between the Order of the Phoenix and the resolution that’s on it’s way. If you’re expecting resolution in this one, you may be disappointed as this film raises as many questions as it answers. There’s some nice backstory with several key characters and the direction this is being taken makes you wish the next film was coming out next week. It’s also nice to see the development of side characters like Jenny Weasley, who’s becoming a much more prominent player in the storyline. There’s also some interesting relationships being developed between the various characters both in terms of friendships and romantic interests.

Can’t wait for the repeats on HBO, I’m looking forward to seeing it again and continuing the question and answer sessions.

reviewed by Sean McKnight