Heckler is a documentary centering around hecklers of course but also critics of comedy, music, film, etc…

The sentiments of the documentary are primarily conveyed through interviews with a wide array of guests sharing their experiences and opinions. There’s a lot of good points and some really interesting stories during the course of the interviews for the most part. The only one who kind of falls short ironically is Jamie Kennedy who’s also the main force behind the film.

Unfortunately, there are times Kennedy is genuinely not funny during his stand up spots and during the interviews he often comes across as a hurt child. I think the overall points are valid but he’s seems to be the weak link here that pulls the project down, especially when he acts indignant and tries to zing some of the people he’s debating with. He throws some really immature insults at some of the people being interviewed in an attempt to mirror them perhaps? His approach isn’t very effective though as he comes off poorly during his infantile attacks. I’m not trying to validate the hecklers by any stretch (as a live performer I’ve been on the receiving end of it) but unfortunately Kennedy seems a bit oblivious to his own shortcomings.

Still, as a film reviewer myself, I try to be constructive whenever I write a review whether it be positive of negative. As a writer, I make an effort to jazz up the verbiage when I can without trying to hurt anyone personally or intentionally. It’s a shame that there a lot of douche-bags out there that have the same internet forum we all have access to, but that’s the ironic beauty of free speech.

Some of the people interviewed include: Louie Anderson, Criss Angel, Dave Attell, Maria Bamford, Roseanne Barr, Doug Benson, Lewis Black, Eli Roth, Dice Clay, Robert Englund, Craig Ferguson, Joel Schumacher, Carrie Fisher, Larry Flynt and many more…

One tip when offering a criticism – at least have a point and say why you didn’t like something in a constructive way, don’t just say something sucks, that’s lame, hateful and just ignorant. I would suggest seeing this doc, especially if you are one of these assholes that heckles anyone performing live. Speaking in front of people is the most common fear people have for a reason, because you’re exposing yourself and putting yourself out there for all to see. To the big mouth, negative assholes that need the attention when heckling – perhaps you should take a shot at it yourself before you decide to cut someone down while they’re trying to entertain you and the other people that are there to see them.

reviewed by Sean McKnight