Hot Girls Wanted

hot girls wantedIt’s hard to like a documentary like this given the subject matter, but I have to say it’s done well. Produced by Rashida Jones, Hot Girls Wanted examines the world of web porn, more specifically girls that are part of the Pro-Am world of adult film. Pro-Am is short for (irony coming, annndddd now!) Professional – Amateur porn. Basically, this branch is dedicated to girl-next-door types who are brand new to the industry in the age range of 18-25.

The documentary follows several girls entering into the adult film industry who, after answering a Craigslist ad, are flown to Florida to stay in a house provided by a booking agent who sets them up to appear in adult films. At first, the picture that is painted doesn’t seem terribly bad. The girls are there willingly, they understand that they’re having sex on camera for money (some of them are very enthusiastic about the notion) and they’re happy with the money they’re making. Like I said, at first…

Further in, the story takes on a different flavor. The average shelf life of one of these girls is anywhere up to about 3 months but not much beyond that. It turns out the novelty to these girls is that they’re new. If they don’t draw a major following or become some sort of porn superstars, their bookings quickly begin to diminish. The only way they can keep the bookings coming in once their novelty is waned is for them to get into alternative niches in the industry. Many of these niches however are very dark, abusive and downright scary which is largely one of the reasons girls drop out of the profession.

The bottom line is that the girls (while naive and responsible for their own decisions) are largely misled about what they’re getting into and what their future is like. There are a few that buy into the bullshit of the booking agent that draws them in and sells them on the idea of living in a dump while they sell their bodies to make him money, but most smarten up enough to get out. They come out of it as different people one way or the other; hardened, hopefully wiser, but aged and weathered a bit to be sure.

The production of Hot Girls Wanted is nicely done, there are some compelling interviews with the girls, some of their family members and loved ones, as well as booking agents, producers and other participants in adult film.

Hot Girls Wanted is a worthy doc that sheds some light on an aspect of adult films that could stand some illumination.

reviewed by Sean McKnight