In A Dark Place

Well, there’s 1 hour and 49 minutes I’ll never get back…This is listed as a horror/mystery/thriller movie, I don’t think it measures up to any one of those things, except maybe the mystery part. You wonder what the hell the ending is about (which is really un-gratifying and confusing) and you also wonder how films like this end up with a budget.

Leelee Sobieski stars as an art therapy teacher who could use some of that therapy herself as her character is just odd, but not in a good way. The rest of the characters are odd too, I’m not sure if the book this is based on was written that way (it’s a novella written by Henry James) or if it’s the way Donato Rotunno directed it, but with everyone being so odd, it’s overdone and just kind of gets on your nerves after a short while.

The story is set in a big, old creepy mansion (which is actually a cool environment) located in Luxembourg out in the country, which is also a good spot for this. There’s some ghosts that terrorize the teacher (who’s now a nanny through a twist of movie script fate), the kids she’s watching and another character that’s basically her direct boss. Thrilling horror and mystery ensue…

Well, not really, I can’t say there were any scary moments here, nothing thrilling really either, unless you count Leelee Sobieski taking a bath every 15 minutes or so in the film. Other than that, she’s just kind of playing with the kids, chasing the kids around. having odd moments with the kids and taking baths alongside having one brief lesbian encounter with her boss.

It would have been nice to see something either shocking, scary or a bit more titillating than 2 women kissing which we’ve all seen a hundred times by now.

Not impressed with this. Go see Paranormal Activity instead, I hear it’s good and am eager to see it myself.

reviewed by Sean McKnight