ITBefore you read my review please know that I did read the original Stephen King book and saw the first version with Tim Curry when it came out and that I’m high desensitized to horror these days. The only horror (besides the movie The Strangers) that genuinely scares me is through virtual reality. The IT VR promo on Littlstar and Jaunt is something not to be missed if you have access to virtual reality. But I digress…

Every 27 years or so people in the small town of Derry, Maine, people start disappearing. The group hit hardest is children and there are a lot of them that seem to go missing. One of the strange things about this horrible phenomenon is that there aren’t many people that are upset about it. Most just seem like they’re trying not to think about it, or even acknowledge that it’s happening. Luckily, a group of young teenagers get fed up with the terror that invades their thoughts and takes their friends and family away so they decide to put an end to IT.

The film has turned out to be the highest grossing horror film of all time, surpassing The Exorcist. I’ll confess that I think the film is good, but a strong B+ at best an A-. Keep in mind my introduction here but I didn’t find the film scary at all. There were moments of suspense and surprise here and there but not so much scary. If you’re 8, then sure, this film will scare the shit out of you, but this film isn’t really for 8 year olds.

The actors in this are good and fun to watch. Finding child actors that are tight on delivery and performance can be challenging but the kids held their own. The standouts of the film for me had to be Sophia Lillis as Beverly Marsh and Bill Skarsgard as Pennywise. Lillis was a breath of fresh air among the boy characters and had a unique style and life of her own. Skarsgard brings his own vision of the clown to the table to be sure; intense and a bit more vicious version than Curry’s depiction. The effects they use on him jack up the visuals as well although there are moments of CG-ness that kicked it out of gear here and there.

I’m really interested to see where Chapter 2 goes when they come back as adults… Overall I would rate the film as a film to see, just don’t have your horror expectations set too high for IT.

reviewed by Sean McKnight