jauntFrom time to time I’ll be venturing into the VR world when there’s some new content out there and this week I bring you Jaunt! Jaunt is a new VR network that’s delivering content across multiple platforms including PSVR, Vive and Oculus. Within was the VR platform I reviewed last time around and is definitely worth checking out but Jaunt is taking things to a new level…

Jaunt offers more in terms of content with a wider array of VR choices including short films, music videos, documentaries, sports specials, educational offerings and recorded live events. There’s even a VR TV series called Invisible, so the amount of content is blowing up. The films I checked out included short experiences like A Violent Morning and A Violent Afternoon which were 2 shorts that equated to about 5 minute action sequences that included a lot of gunshots, explosions and general craziness. Then, there’s the Zoolander No.2 short in which you got to hang out with Derek Zoolander during a fashion shoot.

Going further down the rabbit hole, the horror content offered puts you in the thick of it rather then just safely sitting by as an observer. Among the films in line with this kind of storytelling are Escape the Living Dead which is basically a run-for-your-life exercise in scary madness while The Black Mass Experience sets you up as a human sacrifice in a dark ritual.

This is basically the next level of storytelling folks. This kind of immersion is beyond anything you’ve seen with 3D. 3D doesn’t even come close. No. This is no longer just sitting idly by, enjoying your popcorn in the comfort of your home. This, this is being inside the experience, being directly addressed and acknowledged like you’re there and you share in the responsibility of seeing the story through like the rest of the participants.

Forget the smart phone VR by the way, this isn’t that. Be sure to check out the big 3 listed above instead. This is way better, this is the next wave of storytelling, just waiting to take you to new heights of cinematic experience and it’s a great ride.

reviewed by Sean McKnight