Jennifer’s Body

If you’re a teenage boy, you’ll love this, if you’re not, you won’t.

This movie seems like it was written specifically as a Megan Fox vehicle. The dialog is so poorly written that Megan Fox is one of the few starlets that could spew the words out in a way that doesn’t make you want to smash the screen. Yes, the dialog is THAT cheesy. Especially Megan Fox’s. One of the key moments in the film she exclaims: “My tit!” to which Amanda Seyfried replies, “No! Your heart!”. Seyfried is a good actor but even she didn’t seem convinced those words just came out of their mouths.

Diablo Cody wrote this. Cody won an Oscar for Juno. It seems Cody tried to apply some of the same writing tricks here but they fall flat without delivery systems like Ellen Page and Michael Cera. Fox doesn’t have the range to pull off anything but stupid and kind of annoying, rarely charming and sometimes sexy.

Fox is weird in here anyway as they try to place her in a high school senior age, but I just wasn’t buying it despite the school girl uniforms. And yes, there are a ton of gratuitous Megan Fox visuals including her licking different things and the opening shot of her crotch.

It is a horror movie and her character is turned into a demon by a band that needs to sacrifice a virgin to satan and of course they choose the wrong girl because they’re morons, so a curse ensues, and the demon emerges in the form of the possessed Jennifer. Amanda Seyfried (the popular Jennifer’s nerdy best friend) kind of saves this movie in some ways as her lines are pretty well written mostly and she plays her role with a genuine intensity and passion. Fox and Seyfried both get a little edgy in here with some bloody moments as well as some sexual tension and violence. Fox is good at being intense when she puts the effort into it.

Speaking of edgy, there are some sex scenes in this film that I was kind of surprised by. Then again, the only time I was comfortable watching teenagers have sex on film was when I was a teenager. Now, as an adult, it’s just kind of uncomfortable and creepy but not in a good way.

JK Simmons (who’s a great actor that gets stuck wearing a bad hair piece, comic relief pehaps?), and the talented Amy Sedaris support.

If you’re a teenage boy, go for it, if not, go for something, anything else.

reviewed by Sean McKnight