Justice League

justice leagueAn alien force invading the Earth, a cube like object that holds unimaginable power and acts as a portal to another dimension, a villain who serves a greater villain in the shadows and a team of heroes who has to get their shit together and bring down the bad guys. I’m describing The Avengers, right? Well, yes, but I’m also describing the Justice League storyline as well. Despite the film’s unoriginal approach, it’s still fun to watch. It’s not the best film in the DC universe, that title goes to Wonder Woman, but it’s not nearly as abysmal as Batman vs. Superman or Suicide Squad.

Script-wise I just laid it out for you but to add to that Superman is “dead” for a spell but then gets better and joins the fight alongside Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash and Cyborg. The script is ok, predictable as you might expect but serves as a competent foundation for the film. Most of the dialog is decent but uninspired; at times Jason Momoa’s Aquaman comes off a bit clunky in terms of how he talks too, he seems forced with some of his delivery. They’re trying to make him the bad-boy rebel of the group while maintaining that he’s a king so I think they have to nail that down a bit better. In terms of establishing the rest of the characters, the film moves along but you never really find out much backstory other than short blurbs here and there to cover bases.

The bad guy is a CG character called Steppenwolf. Unfortunately he looks very CG as does much of the film which becomes a distraction. The infamous “mustache footage” of Henry Cavill as Superman becomes evident too. Jeez, with this film costing 300 million dollars, you’d think the quality of effects would be a little less fake looking. Many of the Steppenwolf shots are especially disappointing this way.

The actors do a fine job with the weak link being Affleck in this one. His version of Bruce Wayne/Batman seems more forced this time, less natural. I think he had some major plastic surgery too because his face looks weird and fake during many of the Bruce Wayne scenes. Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman was excellent again playing the role with passion and intensity. Momoa as Aquaman is pretty good too but still has some stiffness when delivering lines. Ray Fisher as Cyborg was emotional and convincing as was Cavill as Superman. The big standout for me was Ezra Miller as The Flash, he was fun, entertaining and seemed to really throw himself into the role. His interactions with Superman were especially fun and enjoyable.

The impressive line up of talent in the film includes: Amy Adams, J.K. Simmons, Diane Lane, Jeremy Irons, Connie Nielsen, Ciaran Hinds and Amber Heard. If you can, and you’ve already seen Thor: Ragnarok, check this one out on the big screen.

reviewed by Sean McKnight