Kong: Skull Island

kong skull islandSome films are just made for the entertainment of it all. They don’t need an Oscar-worthy script or Meryl Streep doing something amazing; no, sometimes you just want a giant gorilla fighting other giant monsters and that’s enough.

Such is the case with Kong: Skull Island. Not a big script here, scientists going to an uncharted island to discover ancient blah, blah, blah. They need mercenaries with big weapons because, you know, problems. Samuel L. Jackson is in here doing what Samuel L. Jackson does and what else do you need to know? One thing they don’t do is leave the island, so don’t worry, no Kong in New York this time.

And it’s basically action from there with big Kong scenes fighting the inept soldiers or fighting monsters throughout the island, this poor gorilla always seems to be dealing with conflict when all he really needs is a hug from Brie Larson (who doesn’t?). The action sequences are fun to watch and CG-wise it’s very well done. The island itself has its own personality and flair that create a rich eye-candy filled atmosphere that includes the usual indigenous tribes the stupid white people are always infringing upon as well as a gorgeous jungle environment and unique creatures.

Aside from Larson and Jackson, the talented cast includes Tom Hiddleston, John Goodman, John C. Reilly, and Corey Hawkins. There were no particular stand outs for me, the real star here is Kong.

Overall, a fun popcorn flick, worth a chill night at home.

reviewed by Sean McKnight