Kung Fury

kung furyHilariously set in the 80’s to great effect, Kung Fury is a wildly imaginative martial arts celebration of over-the-top kung fu mixed with over-the-top visual effects and storyline. Basically, it’s a silly, enjoyable 31 minute explosion-action fest that you hope never ends while knowing deep down that you realistically can handle only so much…

Initially the film is set in the 80’s where super kung fu master cop Kung Fury finds himself battling murderous robots only to reveal a deeper, more sinister criminal behind it all. That criminal being Adolf Hitler who’s considered the “worst criminal ever” by Kung Fury. So naturally he travels back in time to thwart Hitler before he can rise to power and create murderous robots. Getting the picture? The premise is as over-the-top as the visuals. By the way, the effects includes unicorns, a t-rex, a triceratop cop (named “Triceracop”), along with nazis being liquified, explosions everywhere and laser raptors. That’s right, raptors with freakin’ lasers in their eyes.

And speaking of the visuals, the film is constant eye candy with some impressive effects (especially for a 600k budget), fun costumes and backdrops along with many nods to the style of the 80’s including parachute pants and mullets galore. The film is really thorough in re-creating the time period by the way, even down to the old code that shows up on the ancient computer equipment used by the character “Hackerman”.

The actors are all marvelously amped up in their roles with the lead playing his character with some obvious Keanu Reeves influence, delivery and voice especially. The lineup isn’t comprised of big names but trust me, you don’t need Tom Cruise in here, all these actors are a blast to watch. The cast includes: David Sandberg, Jorma Taccone, Steven Chew, Leopold Nilsson, Eleni Young, Helene Ahlson and Andreas Cahling as Thor, because, of course Thor should be in a kung fu movie, duh.

Reminiscent of Kung Fu Hustle and definitely worth a viewing if you’re looking for a fun, action, slapstick comedy kind of film; be sure to stream Kung Fury on Netflix…

reviewed by Sean McKnight