Layer Cake

Although it’s not the best named film from a marketing standpoint, don’t let the title fool you, Layer Cake is a suspenseful drug-fueled, intense thriller. Akin to Snatch (but a bit more straight-forward stylistically) the story of Layer Cake revolves around deals gone bad, revenge, double-crosses, lunatics with bad tempers, and a problematic love triangle. Interested yet?

The writing is well put together with some expected plot points; most stories like this feature some of the same story-driving components. However, what’s interesting here are the twists, which there are a number. No spoilers, you’ll just have to watch out for them; one thing I will tell you is that there are more than one.

Style-wise, the visual elements are reminiscent of a European film, there’s a slickness and grittiness to it at the same time. The opening sequence with Daniel Craig’s VO is especially enjoyable to watch as the environment morphs and unfolds. They use technology well to draw you in with some great motion graphic effects.

Speaking of Craig, he plays the lead with no name and plays it well. Not so much Bond-like in here (this is from 2004 by the way), a bit more vulnerable and unsure of himself but trying to be smart and confident at the same time. He pulls it off well. There’s some great support with Tom Hardy before he was Bain and Michael Gambon (Dumbledore from the Harry Potter films) among a strong cast.

On a side note, this film’s got a pretty cool soundtrack to boot.

You can catch this one On-Demand, it’s definitely worth a look see.

reviewed by Sean McKnight