Tom Hardy plays gangster twins Reggie and Ron Kray who worked their way up through the ranks of the London underground crime scene in the 60s. The story centers around the relationship between the brothers as well as Reggie’s marriage and the criminal empire they built their reputations on. As Reginald tries to go legitimate, his marriage crumbles and his twin’s mental health becomes a point of great concern.

A bit slow moving and too long, the film suffers from a muddy pace and dialog that is difficult to understand at times due to the accents and audio mix. It has moments, especially when Ron does something unexpected or radical in addition to the showcase of some of the brother’s more infamous moments.

Hardy’s performance is intense, diverse and impressive with the film serving as another example of his range and talent. The effects in terms of putting him in scenes with himself as brother’s is particularly well done. The various points where the twins interact is seamless and looks convincingly executed, like there were really twin Tom Hardy’s playing the role.

The cast includes an impressive list of actors with Emily Browning as Reggie’s love interest and eventual wife. She plays the role with passion, vulnerability and sensitivity. Paul Anderson, Colin Morgan, Taron Egerton, Christopher Eccleston and Tara Fitzgerald round out the lineup of talent.

Overall, the film is ok but the sluggishness of it is what ultimately weighs it down due to storytelling grandiosity in favor of a tighter pace.

Reviewed by Sean McKnight