Insert generic premise here:
Guy Pearce plays a man who’s wrongly convicted of a crime against the government but has the chance to redeem himself through a rescue mission. Said mission includes a trip to a prison in space that is in the midst of a riot with the president’s daughter as one of the people taken hostage.

We never really find out why Snow (Guy Pearce) is so qualified for this mission and ultimately I guess it doesn’t matter. This is a standard popcorn, sci-fi, action flick with the usual cookie-cutter bad guys along with the anti-hero, too-cool-for-school good guy and the hot maiden in distress who’s sassy, yet vulnerable.

As cliche’ as the film is (and BOY is it cliche’), it’s still ok to watch. Guy Pearce in this role is a hoot (the dude has range!) and makes the film worth a viewing. If it wasn’t for him, I probably wouldn’t have made it through watching the whole thing as it unravels pretty much as you’d expect without any real surprises. The writing is super-average with the expected one-liners inserted at their appropriate spots.

The effects are well done but unsurprising, there really isn’t anything that made me go “ooooo” or “ahhhhh”, it was more of a “meh”. Perhaps I’ve seen too many sci fi films and am getting a bit jaded, hmmmm, food for thought…

This is one of those films I would recommend if there’s absolutely nothing else on, otherwise I wouldn’t go out of my way to see this.

reviewed by Sean McKnight