Machete Kills

In this sequel to the first Machete installment, Machete finds himself once again at the end of the rope (literally) when the president of the United States (Carlos Estevez aka Charlie Sheen) calls him into action to save the country. Machete mobilizes and all hell breaks loose because hey, it’s a Robert Rodiguez grindhouse flick…

And what fun it is and that’s why you see this film, purely for the fun of it. Forget a compelling story or Oscar caliber performances (although Cuba Gooding Jr. is quite good as my favorite version of the contract killer called The Chameleon). Speaking of talent…

There’s plenty of it with Danny Trejo back in the signature role as well as contributions from the following: Michelle Rodriquez, Antonio Banderas, Sofia Vergara (who is a blast in this, and yes, that’s a pun but you have to see the film), Jessica Alba, Tom Savini, William Sadler and Vanessa Hudgens. All of which are fun to watch and bring personality and life to their characters. Lady Gaga is in here as well; she poses, says some lines poorly and brings absolutely nothing interesting to her role at all, she was a complete waste of time.

There’s plenty of excessive violence, but a disappointing lack of nudity and foul language. The only other complaint I really have here is that the film looks and feels too “new” for a grindhouse flick. I enjoyed the scratchy look and missing scenes that put the stamp on the style over the slick feel of this latest installment.

You still need to see this, so catch it in the theater if you can.

reviewed by Sean McKnight