Mega Python vs Gatoroid

When I think of the word classic, I think of movies like The Godfather, Star Wars, A Clockwork Orange and more. Mega Python vs Gatoroid is not on that list.

Bad. On all levels. Bad.

Bad: acting, writing, directing, effects, music, camera work, everything. Bad.

Wow. And they had a budget. I don’t get it. Well, I get it sort of…

It’s a celebration of cheese basically. The title alone doesn’t really allow you to take it the least bit seriously. And on the cheese level, there’s some fun. The pitting of 80’s pop music survivors Tiffany and Debbie Gibson makes for some fun tongue in cheek moments. It was interesting to see them matured, they both play sexy in their own (still cheesy) ways.

The premise (was one necessary?) is in the form of a conflict between a group of animal rights’ activists led by Debbie Gibson and the local sheriff’s department with Tiffany playing the boss. The 2 clash over the endangered pythons killing the endangered alligators. Side note: the term gatoroid comes from Tiffany wanting to tip nature’s scales by hooking the crocs up with some steroid laced chicken. No, I’m not kidding.

There’s a point in the storyline where the pythons and gaters grow wildly out of control with Tiffany and Debbie having to team up to get the situation under control. Just prior to that though, Debbie and Tiffany erupt into a catfight during a fundraiser, which is the event where they’re brought together. So, with the dynamic duo united (which could also be used to describe Tiffany’s cleavage which is prominently featured throughout this exercise in SyFy schlock), the wheels are set in motion and they proceed to save the day. There is one twist…

SPOILER ALERT (if it matters).

Probably the most redeeming quality of the movie is that both Tiffany and Debbie meet their demise ironically by the very creatures they were striving to protect, oh, the irony. Although seeing how Debbie goes down (which is preceded by some foreshadowing), is a nice icing on the cake.

So, we’ve covered the premise; as for the writing and directing, it’s, well…We’ll just move on.

Their is one decent actor in here… A Martinez plays Dr. Diego Ortiz. Check out his IMDB profile, it’s quite impressive and includes: CSI, One Life to Live, General Hospital, LA Law, Falcon Crest, Fantasy Island, CHiPs, Barney Miller, The White Shadow, Barnaby Jones, The Incredible Hulk, Kung Fu and much more! Crazy. He doesn’t die and you’re glad as his is the last performance on screen. Thankfully.

This is something to see when it’s late and you’re desperate for something light and cheesy, or this would be good at a frat house with some sort of drinking game attached to it. Perhaps you have to take 2 shots every time Tiffany flashes her cleavage, that would help make this bearable to be sure.

reviewed by Sean McKnight