Nice Dreams

Every once in a while you have to review one of the classics. This time I chose Cheech and Chong’s Nice Dreams (the sequel to Up In Smoke). Say what you will about this being a stoner film, but C&C were juggernauts during their heyday and put out some funny stuff while addressing social issues like immigration and pot legalization through their humorous exploits.

So, obviously this is film about Cheech and Chong, this time they’re pot dealers (naturally) who sell their product through an ice cream truck. During their sales route, the police plant a buyer to start the process of sting operation. The police eventually track down the guys at their source and initiate a raid. Various antics ensue along the way with a tongue in cheek and a joint in hand.

Not the greatest writing in the world but funny and goofy is more the approach here anyway, this ain’t Macbeth. I’ve always found the endings to their films to be kind of abrupt, usually going out on a gag, Nice Dreams has an ending that happens in the same way. The only part of the story I found kind of annoying was Stacey Keach’s character slowly turning into a lizard, that’s just stupid.

The actors are all good in their roles. Keach overacts a bit but that’s kind of what his character calls for, so it could’ve been the writing too. Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong (who also directed) reprise their roles of course and are as funny as they ever were during this lofty high period in their careers.

The production quality and long takes are evidence of the style from the time this was shot in 1981 making the film look very dated. Nothing slick here, just some smokers having fun…

reviewed by Sean McKnight