Olympus Has Fallen

The storyline of Olympus Has Fallen is that the White House has been compromised and taken over by a north Korean terrorist organization not affiliated with the Korean government. The leader of the terrorists is out for revenge against the US and is hell bent on making our country a nuclear wasteland.

The way things play out seems, while plausible, a bit outlandish and hard to believe. Unfortunately, I found the problem to be in the presentation and direction. It could’ve been gritty and more politically intriguing but they went in more of a Girard Butler action movie kind of direction. I like Butler most of the time but his character comes off very formulaic even when the emotional beats could’ve separated him somewhat but didn’t. The CG effects also look and feel very CG at times which of course knocks out the suspension-of-disbelief from being as effective as it could’ve been.

It’s not a terrible movie necessarily, it’s more just really generic. They try to throw in some intense left of field moments but they soon lose their impact when we’ve seen them happen repeatedly using the same writing mechanics.

The actors are all competent but noone really stands out. Butler is good in the physical moments but lacks range emotionally in here. The rest of the cast goes through the motions but again, there aren’t any other performances that offers anything we haven’t seen a thousand times. The way the film turned out is kind of surprising and disappointing considering the director is Antoine Fuqua who directed the brilliant Training Day.

The lineup of talent is impressive nonetheless with the cast including Ashley Judd, Morgan Freeman, Aaron Eckhart, Dylan McDermott, Melissa Leo, Radha Mitchell and Angela Bassett among others.

I can’t say I would recommend the movie but you might want to check it out anyway if Training Day isn’t on…

reviewed by Sean McKnight