Salt tells the story of a spy planted in our government that’s here to assassinate the President of Russia during a visit to New York City. Angelina Jolie plays the role of Evelyn Salt, who, as a plant has established a career in the CIA, a husband and has a boss who believes in her innocence until more and more hints surface indicating she’s not who everyone thought she was.

The film’s construct has some interesting left turn moments, especially when Salt is revealed as an spy/assassin. Ironically, it’s some of those left turns that cause the movie to go off the rail at times as things get a bit confusing. Confusing to the point where you have trouble sympathizing or hating the Salt character as you’re not truly sure where her loyalties lie outside of the love she seems to have for her husband.

There’s some strong action packed backstory moments that make the history of the characters interesting and brings some depth. Jolie does a great job reaching down deep for some of the more intense moments, she’s always convincing this way. In addition to Jolie, Liev Schreiber performs admirably (as he usually does) in the role of Salt’s boss.

The writing overall is strong but I think a little too smart for itself. I found it trying to hard to keep you on your toes. I wanted to feel more for (or about) the Evelyn Salt character but thanks to the fake outs and abrupt ending, I never really got the chance. I fault the director here for not coming up with a way to tie things up in a way without leaving so many questions unanswered. Were they going for a sequel here? A series of some sort perhaps, like a Jason Bourne kind of thing? Whatever the intent, the ending kind of sucks.

It’s worth a look to determine your own opinion, but I was a bit disappointed.

reviewed by Sean McKnight