This is a really, really, really bad film. Bad in every way – the writing, directing, acting, production, effects, all bad. And that’s exactly why I wanted to see it, simply because it was so bad. Let’s start with the implausible (get used to that idea with this film) concept…

There are several tornados crossing the ocean that are picking up sharks (why sharks specifically is never addressed) as they go and while tornados are typically comprised of air, the sharks somehow remain alive and rather upset by the whole situation. When the tornados reach land, the sharks begin shooting out and landing on various people, places and things.

LA suddenly floods but only in very specific places such as in homes but apparently not around them. There are a lot of physics questions raised in this film as well as another big question – has the director of this film ever heard of the word continuity? I think not.

Ian (pronounced EYE-AN) Zehring and Tara Reid are the stars of the film. I don’t like bashing people so I’ll keep my mouth shut here.

It’s not really worth going into any more detail. Suffice it to say, see this one on SyFy if you can, the ending scene with Zehring and his flying chainsaw act are worth it. Besides, you should make sure you get the storyline figured out before they make the sequel. And yes, they’re really making a sequel.

reviewed by Sean McKnight