Sleepy Hollow

To round out the Halloween holiday season (my favorite), I decided to review another classic in the form of Tim Burton’s 1999 take on the legend of Sleepy Hollow. Starring Johnny Depp playing the lead role of Ichabod Crane, Burton’s version offers a dark overtone throughout the film while celebrating even darker and scarier moments while still offering some moments of levity to even the emotional pitch. The story centers around Crane’s investigations of recent beheadings taking place in the village known as Sleepy Hollow. The village itself is comprised of mostly conservative types scared of their own shadows along

Layer Cake

Although it’s not the best named film from a marketing standpoint, don’t let the title fool you, Layer Cake is a suspenseful drug-fueled, intense thriller. Akin to Snatch (but a bit more straight-forward stylistically) the story of Layer Cake revolves around deals gone bad, revenge, double-crosses, lunatics with bad tempers, and a problematic love triangle. Interested yet? The writing is well put together with some expected plot points; most stories like this feature some of the same story-driving components. However, what’s interesting here are the twists, which there are a number. No spoilers, you’ll just have to watch out for