The Expendables (violence porn Stallone style)

OK, I am not going to warn you again, take your heart medicine and hold on tight because this is violence porn action madness. Bring eyedrops to get the gunpowder smoke out of your eyes. Leave the women and children at home and hunker down in that movie seat and hold on to the armrests. The Expendables starts in real time and stays in real time, from the opening hostage situation to the final battle, with very little in the way of flashbacks or reveries or any such thing. You will enter a world of make-believe, yes, where the gun


2008 saw a new installation in the Rambo series. This latest version finds John Rambo in Thailand providing a boat service to locals. A chrstian aid group employs Rambo to take them up river and drop them off at a village in need of medical assistance. The village is attacked by a local military unit & the aid workers are taken hostage. Rambo and a group of mercinaries come to the rescue! After seeing the last Rambo when he battled the evil Russians I wasn’t expecting much. But in all honesty, this one turned out to be pretty cool… The