Tales from the Crypt – Demon Knight

tales from the crypt demon knightYou have to go to the classics once in awhile and see how they hold up. Creepshow Presents Demon Knight was a film I had to revisit as I was a big fan of the series and enjoyed that film in particular when it was initially released. I’ll add that I was a teenager at the time and the effects in that era aren’t nearly on par with where they are now. Still, Demon Knight has a fun quality that stands the test of time even if the effects don’t…

Demon Knight follows William Sadler as a keeper of a sacred key that the servants of hell are after in order to bring about the destruction of the universe. Heavy, eh? Sadler is being chased by arch demon Billy Zane who is trying to claim the key to up his rank in hell. The chase leads them both to a sleepy little town in the southwest somewhere where the battle for humanity is fought between Sadler, the inhabitants of the town and Zane and his demon legion.

At the time of the film’s release, Demon Knight was pretty damn scary to me. Now, it’s definitely lost some impact as my de-sensitivity to such things becomes more de-sensitive and my observation of the effects is much more critical. Rightfully so as this film was produced before the days of digital creatures like you’ll find in Jurassic World. Demon Knight was shot during the time of actors in bad rubber suits and cheesy looking green laser eye blasts.

Aside from the distractions of the bad effects, the film is enjoyable and the story somewhat provocative once some of the backstory unfolds about the origin of the 2 main characters. The actors are a little over the top at times (it is a Creepshow horror film after all) but mostly they’re all pretty enjoyable to watch. Zane is particularly witty as the smarmy demon trying to kill everyone with his charm and his bevy of badass creatures. Among the actors in the lineup is a young Jada Pinkett Smith who portrays the bad girl trying to make good convincingly and with conviction. The lineup includes Thomas Haden Church, Brenda Bakke, John Schuck, Sherrie Rose and John Kassir as the voice of the Crypt Keeper.

While it may not hold up through the annals of film history, it’s a fun film to add to your scary movie collection while enjoying the Halloween season, just try to enjoy some of the silliness and look past the rubber suits…

reviewed by Sean McKnight