Ted is all about the funny but with a solid story of growing older and how things change. It’s nice to see that too, sometime with films like this you expect just an onslaught of dick and fart jokes that turns to lameness after the first 10 minutes. Ted actually has heart to it and makes you feel sympathetic about Ted the bear and Mark Wahlberg’s John Bennett character and the dynamics of their relationship.

Ultimately, this is a really funny film. Outrageous at times but not overly done. Seth MacFarlane plays the voice of Ted (who does sound like a relative of Peter Griffin) brilliantly with his style of humor permeating the script. One interesting thing about the Ted character for me was that he didn’t try to hide him, he put Ted the bear out in front of everyone just as this acceptable thing that a live teddy bear lived and breathed and even became a defunct celebrity. I thought that was a fun aspect to the approach of this film.

The CG is great. Ted flows in and out of digital and organic pretty flawlessly. A fun use of the technology done well.

There’s a strong supporting cast in here too, including: Mila Kunis, Giovanni Ribisi, Patrick Warburton, Norah Jones, Sam Jones (from the Flash Gordon movie), Tom Skerrit and Patrick Stewart as the narrator. Everyone is a blast to watch and you can tell that this film had to have been a lot of fun to make.

If you’re a fan of Family Guy and don’t mind a bit more of an edgier version of MacFarlane’s humor, you’ll have a good time watching this movie.

It’s worth seeing just for watching Mark Wahlberg get his ass thoroughly kicked by an animated teddy bear.

reviewed by Sean McKnight