The American

This George Clooney thriller centers around an assassin trying to retire in order to pursue other goals. I don’t want to describe too much here as I think it’s a good film and should be seen. Suffice it to say that the writing is well done with a European influence that makes this familiar story fresh.

The style of the film is full of wide, cinematic shots and drawn out artistic pauses that keep the pacing interesting. The ending is intriguing as well with some nice twists along the way. It’s hard to be more descriptive as I’ll give too much away so forgive my vagueness.

Clooney delivers a tight performance and shows more range as a cold-blooded hired gun. Some moments of vulnerability are displayed between other, more intense exchanges. The rest of the cast is comprised of actors from Italy that all turn out passionate performances.

I really liked the director’s style. The major production companies in the US have certain ingredients that are often devices of major films. It’s refreshing to see a film like this that has a different set of standards and artistic devices.

The American comes highly recommended, check it out if you like thrillers.

reviewed by Sean McKnight