The Campaign

I usually enjoy Will Ferrell movies with some exceptions (Land of the Lost is really bad), luckily this one is no exception. I laughed the whole way through this film pretty much…

The timeliness of this movie is appropriate with election time upon us again, I only wish elections were this funny in the real world…oh, well. The premise here is that WIll Ferrell’s character Cam Brady has been the un-challenged congressman for quite some time with noone to oppose him. Since he’s been cruising along, he’s been greedy, cheating, and lying his way through his life with no cares. A scandal hits and his corporate backers decide to groom another, more public-friendly candidate to usurp Ferrell and take over as the new corporate yes-man candidate. Enter Zach Galifianakis as the dork who had the nickname of “tickleshits” in high school – Marty Huggins.

The two characters jump into a fierce political battle, smearing and scheming against each other at every turn with the corporate sponsors pulling the strings in the background. This, of course, is when much of the fun kicks in although the film has funny moments and characters throughout the film. Ferrell’s character is especially raunchy and raucous – in one scene he thinks he’s calling a mistress and ends up leaving a really dirty message on a christian family’s answering machine while they’re having dinner. It was raunchy enough to make my mom uneasy in the theater but still laugh at the same time.

The writing is typical Ferrell faire with some Galifianakis quirkyness to boot (who also produced the film). There’s some high-brow and low-brow moments as you’d expect with some surprising moments such as the baby-punching scene (yes,