The Devil’s Own

Sorry for the delay in getting this posted. I normally post reviews by Friday but I’m a filmmaker too and had an event for our film Jane last evening, so I’m still catching up… Stay tuned for The Hobbit next week as I already have my tickets for the midnight premiere!

Shot in 1997, this drama/thriller features the story of an IRA member on the run who flees Ireland to the US to lay low while he’s hunted for terrorist actions in his homeland.

Brad Pitt plays the role of the man on the run while Harrison Ford is the man who takes him in as a boarder without knowing his full story. Ford’s character is an irish police officer making the irony and tension a bit more interesting. While Pitt is in the US, he continues working for his organization back in Ireland by trying to arrange an arms buy that goes south thanks to violent threats of Treat Williams’ character.

Pitt’s character brings trouble home to Ford’s house, his secrets are revealed, and all hell breaks loose for Ford’s troubled good-guy cop…

Well written in terms of telling some of the story of the IRA clashes with authorities as well as developing the conflict between the characters in the film. The dialog is intelligent and keeps things moving as does the action. The ending wraps things up nicely and comes to a satisfying ending (albeit a tad bittersweet).

The director and actors do a fine job with Ford and Pitt playing nicely off one another along with the other actors in the film. Some of the other actors in lineup include Ruben Blades, Margaret Colin and a young Julia Stiles.

Definitely worth a viewing if you’re looking for something during a lazy afternoon…

reviewed by Sean McKnight