The Guilt Trip

This is not normally the type of film I would go to see on the big screen but would rather catch later on TV. But, as a Christmas present to my mother, I ended up going to see The Guilt Trip.

It was cool to see Barbara Streisand in a film that wasn’t one of the Focker installments, this one is more akin to her more comedic but dramatic performances. She is what makes the film fun to watch, but let me put the story in place briefly first…

Inventor Andy Brewster (played by Seth Rogan) is set to make a road trip to try to sell his cleaning product and reunite his mother with a former love. Along the way, the two bond and fight as family does with some adventure and tension along the way. It’s definitely a feel good, family vibe for this film with few surprises but a satisfying experience nonetheless.

The film did ok but not great theatrically speaking, I was curious why but the complaint seemed to be about Seth Rogan. I can see why, this is something he did in The Green Hornet that I think cost him viewers. He tries too hard when he’s playing someone who is kind of an asshole but who should be likable at the end. Unfortunately when he overdoes it he comes off unlikable, even at the end. By the time we reached the end, I didn’t care about him, I was just happy for his mother who’s performance and character saves the film.

This one is about the characters and watching a good actress do her thing. Rogan needs to pay more attention to his co-stars, it might help tone down his assholeness (is that a word?).

I wouldn’t recommend it on the big screen, I’d recommend watching it on Netfilx with your Mom on Mother’s day.

reviewed by Sean McKnight