The Last Stand

The Last Stand is not a great movie, it’s not terrible, but it’s not great. This film marks the return of the former governator as the lead rather than just a bit role (like in The Expendables).

Ok, so the premise – Ahhhnold, is playing a former special force cop with a certain set of skills who now resides in a small town living the quieter days as the town sheriff. He has the usual small town goober side kicks and friends, which is of course where Johnny Knoxville comes in. Knoxville plays the town stooge with the extraordinary gun collection which Schwarzenegger inevitably needs when the bad guy fugitive on the run ends up traipsing through town on his way to cross the border.

The film actually has some gritty moments that add a compelling element to the film here and there. The action is what you’d probably expect; predictable, fun, big screen candy. The story and resolution are also the formulaic stuff action films like this are usually comprised of.

The actors are ok. It’s kind of fun to watch Schwarzenegger do his thing, the only drag is that he gets harder to understand as he gets older. Knoxville is kind of annoying after a short time in his one-dimensional character and delivery. Forest Whitaker puts in a competent performance but he kind of looks like he’s just channeling roles from his past. Eduardo Noriega is pretty good as the flamboyant and stylish bad guy.

If you’re looking for a no-brainer action flick, it’s worth a look see but don’t expect much in terms of originality or blockbuster deliveries, this one’s for the paycheck.

reviewed by Sean McKnight