The Losers

The Losers is loosely based on a comic of the same name from DC Vertigo comics. The storyline in very similar to The A-Team: a unit from the US Special Forces is sent to do a job that they ultimately take the blame for when things go haywire. Naturally it’s someone up high in the CIA that they ultimately have to take out in order to clear their names and get their lives back. Sound familiar?

Despite the familiarity and predictability of the story (and it’s super-predictable) The Losers is still a guilty indulgence to experience once. There’s some slick elements to the visual presentation that make it fun to watch. Unfortunately this only seems prevalent during the first 10 minutes and the last 5 including the credits. The way it’s shot and edited have this initial cool, comic book feel to it that you end up missing when you realize they dialed it back. It would’ve been better to remain consistent and cut back on the over-used shakey cam that becomes tedious and gives you a headache.

I’m not going to beat the storyline to death as it’s one you’ve seen multiple times. Suffice it to say the writers followed a formula and did a mediocre job of it although it has some cool quirky moments with some of the characters (like Chris Evans’ assassin-nerd). It’s always fun to see how the characters are developed in a film like this, in this film they’re ok, but not great.

Jason Patric’s bad guy comes off just kind of weird and forced while Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s good guy leader is decent but still lacks something that other frontman bring to the table. The rest of the performances are stock and forgettable although Zoe Saldana is someone that lights up the screen.

Was ok but I wasn’t overly impressed with it. The ending is especially unsatisfying, they should’ve worried more about a solid storyline and less about sequel money…

reviewed by Sean McKnight